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ROODGALLERY is pleased to present the show by Dimitrios Antonitsis

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Dimitrios Antonitsis photographed at a past exhibition

Dimitrios Antonitsis photographed at a past exhibition



Dimitrios Antonitsis’ artwork is known for its provocative undertone and its critically glamorous quality. He criticizes social conventions of decorum and political hypocrisy, while focusing on the aesthetical statement of the work itself.

FRACTURE explores the concept of the partial, broken, and abandoned, in physical space, art and the economy. Antonitsis latest collection of drawing will make reference to the toll the economic crisis in Greece has taken on artists, expression and young people.

The show is accompanied by a video installation by the artist Harry Patramanis . You are surrounded by so much and nothing. Travelers around you, back and forth, roller-bags filled with personal items, clothes, travel kits, ID cards, lost in an endless cycle of failed departures to destinations that never materialize. Where are they all going? Where are they not going? Now they all wait for an elevator that will never come. They leave one by one as more arrive.


Exhibition Opening March 2nd.

Reception and Artist Talk March 12th. 4-7 PM



Summer 2017

ROODGALLERY is pleased to present the upcoming show by Marcos Amaro Ingles

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Mario Amaro Ingles at work in his studio

Mario Amaro Ingles at work in his studio



Marcos Amaro is a Brazilian artist who was formerly the head of Óticas Carol, an enormously successful chain of eyewear retailers in South America. He is also the son of Rolim Amaro, a pilot who began working with TAM Airlines in the 1960’s, and eventually became the company’s controlling stockowner. Now, after a recent merger,  LATAM is Brazil’s largest operating airline. Amaro’s relationship to airplanes is apparent in his large-scale assemblages; after selling his company in 2013, Amaro is now a full-time artist working with found materials and discarded parts. He has also experimented with charcoal works on paper, installation pieces, and oil paintings.

Amaro’s sculptures are simple and intuitively shaped, like the reification of a child’s daydream. Un-translated and raw, air craft components butt up against folded mattresses, as illuminated neon tubes spear the structures, twisting at uneven intervals. Industrial and rough edged, there is still something sentimental about the work — like a boy tinkering with his father’s model planes.

Artreport . Devon Watson . June 18



Summer 2016

Take a look at our previous exhibition by Alexandros Washburn

Alexandros Washburn Photographed at Redhook Studios by Emma Stoll

Alexandros Washburn Photographed at Redhook Studios by Emma Stoll



A new ontology. What used to be called memory is now a stream of images and their related emotions mediated by our iPhone; communication and image-capturing devices whose frame permeates our world without remorse.

Every emotion is mediated; point clouds to elements; every impression mediated, translated, stored, and communicated. Binary (Digitally 0:1) Codes, waves, analysis optimized; a fleeting stream, a torrent of data that will cause momentary reaction. Can we escape the frame? No. Reactions to digital platforms become emotional, reactions harden into adaptation, and emotion becomes a medium of record.

What does the frame do to our memory and our emotions? How do they affect our perspective of ourselves, our families, and the world around us? These paintings are an experiment. A commentary on this digital culture in which we are encapsulated. This collection of work takes the medium of intimate expression personified by Bonnard and applying the frame through which all images are seen and all memories are stored: the iPhone.

Merciless, multiplied, infested application, generation gilded, fetishized, shimmering and overlapping.

Can the frame itself structure our world? Is there beauty? Is it valid, resonant, or stirring? Is it just another way of lying?

"A great truth is made from a thousand little lies."  -Bonnard



Our mission is to increase social resilience by opening a visual bridge between the public and the creative artists, who will continue the four century, undaunted spirit of ROOD HOOK. 




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