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Photo Credit:  Ben Kulo

Photo Credit:  Ben Kulo


Peter Opheim is a German-born American painter currently working between New York and New Mexico. After 25 years of acclaim as an abstract painter, Opheim experienced an epiphanous shift in his approach to his art. “I didn’t want to paint things that had already been painted; I wanted to paint things that I hadn’t seen before, things that didn’t exist except in my imagination,” he said, leading him to an extraordinary dual process. 

His ongoing body of work is a intimate study of portraiture and still-life. His subjects are creatures of his own imagination, familiar in their crude juvenile forms, built from clay and then carefully rendered in oil paint. 

Opheim’s work confronts the viewer with lovingly painted creatures with colorful, bulging features, disjointed body parts and various skewed orifices. Opheim’s paintings navigate the merging of childhood and adulthood – concepts that we ordinarily prefer to keep separate – to unsettling effects. While charming and whimsical from afar, they shatter any idea of fantastical nostalgia with subjects that are grotesque and mutated upon further inspection. Evolving beyond the saccharine charm that these creatures might evoke standing as sculptures, three inches tall, Opheim’s large scale paintings instead embody complex notions that, as put by Anise Stevens of Artillery Mag “speculate on the inner workings of the pre-adolescent’s mind, navigating adult territory with only a limited knowledge base grounded in fantasy.”

Exhibition June 25 - July 30



Peter Opheim



Dimitrios Antonitsis

IMG_1260 (2).jpg
Dimitrios Antonitsis photographed at a past exhibition

Dimitrios Antonitsis photographed at a past exhibition



Dimitrios Antonitsis’ artwork is known for its provocative undertone and its critically glamorous quality. He criticizes social conventions of decorum and political hypocrisy, while focusing on the aesthetical statement of the work itself.

FRACTURE explores the concept of the partial, broken, and abandoned, in physical space, art and the economy. Antonitsis latest collection of drawing will make reference to the toll the economic crisis in Greece has taken on artists, expression and young people.

The show is accompanied by a video installation by the artist Harry Patramanis . You are surrounded by so much and nothing. Travelers around you, back and forth, roller-bags filled with personal items, clothes, travel kits, ID cards, lost in an endless cycle of failed departures to destinations that never materialize. Where are they all going? Where are they not going? Now they all wait for an elevator that will never come. They leave one by one as more arrive.


Exhibition Opening March 2nd.

Reception and Artist Talk March 12th. 4-7 PM



Our mission is to increase social resilience by opening a visual bridge between the public and the creative artists, who will continue the four century, undaunted spirit of ROOD HOOK. 




We are located at 373 Van Brunt St in Redhook

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